Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Creating a sustainable parallel society

A community should be able to provide certain services without having to resort to illegal labor (such as construction or the service industry) or face declining standards due to mass migration without assimilation (schools, hospitals). Miraculously, this can and does happen in areas that have not faced an influx (when I was a waitress I was shocked to discover a girl who had been a busser back in her small town. That was something non-English speaking illegals did in the city I'm from. The crude gestures made at the female staff was just great, but it was nice to be defended by the American Hispanics who (unfairly) risked being lumped in with their distant cousins).

However, we can't all live in small towns or unaffected cities, hence the necessity to try to create or own communities. Unfortunately, in cities or town that have experienced the influx, businesses that try to obey the laws are at a competitive disadvantage from others who don't follow the law and can exploit immigrants who aren't going to expect reasonable pay. Over the next few days I'll outline what I think can be done by citizens in the areas listed above in an affordable way.

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