Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hazleton's law struck down

A federal judge struck down Hazleton's law punishing landlords and businesses that rent and hire illegal immigrants.

On Lou Dobbs an ACLU spokesman echoed the common sentiment of illegal immigrants' rights groups: immigration is a federal issue. (This was also a finding of the judge). I would imagine it will be appealed.

Question: If the federal government was actually acting to keep illegal immigrants out and was punishing employers and landlords, what is the likelihood the ACLU and the rights group would pull the "it's federal" card, 1/10 of a percent of 1/10000 of a percent?

One of the reasons for this blog is to work around legal setbacks (see previous posts for my ideas). Hopefully these ideas can be used for towns like Manassas (in Northern VA) that already has a large illegal presence. (Note the lovely picture under "Help Save Manassas to Draw Protestors).

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