Friday, June 29, 2007

The will of the elites

Harvard economics professor George Borjas has an excellent post on the death (for now) of the amnesty bill. The most notable quote: "Here's a policy shift--amnesty and guest workers--that the entire political establishment as well as much of the mainstream media and academic elite wanted badly. It is seldom the case that something that the powers-that-be want so much fails to make it through."

While I'm pessimistic that the elites will be defeated permanently on this issue (hence the reason I believe everyone else needs to find solutions to protect themselves), the defeat of this bill does provide many useful lessons.

First, the internet was obviously key in revealing details of this bill and is a useful tool to stop travesties like this, no matter how much the elites try to cover up what they're doing. Undoubtedly this tool will be targeted by elites in this country just as it has been in others.

Second, the slander of opponents of the bill as racists and bigots not only did not shut up the opposition as the elites intended, it further enraged them. To me this indicates that 1. the racism card is either losing its power, or 2. it is losing its power on this specific issue, presumably because so much of the opposition felt so strongly that they would not be cowed by name calling, no matter how nasty and socially stigmatizing. A decade ago this issue did not arouse such passion, at least not in many places outside the border states, so people not in the affected areas would rather keep silent than face public sanction.

The elites are still looking down on the masses, as they are not affected by illegals in their neighborhoods or their kids' schools. As has been noted many times, they only profit.

The fastest way to stop any sort of amnesty and to seal the borders would be to make the elites face what everyone else faces. I don't know how to do this aside from creating a fund to move illegals into the neighborhoods and schools of the elites.

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